Weather in South Tyrol

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The weather on Thursday, 30.05.2024

Min.: 12°C
Max.: 19°C

Western currents will bring humid air masses.

From west some rain showers and thunderstorm with sunny spells.

High temperatures between 18° in Bruneck an 21° in Bozen.

The weather on Friday, 31.05.2024

Min.: 9°C
Max.: 14°C

Low pressure conditions.

It is cloudy and raining heavily at times. Snow line between 1700 and 2000 meters. Precipitation will become less frequent during the evening.

High temperatures between 12° and 17°.

The weather in the mountains on Thursday, 30.05.2024

Western currents will bring humid air masses.

Temperature at 2.000m: 8°C
Temperature at 3.000m: 1°C
0° at altitude: 3100m

The weather in the mountains on Friday, 31.05.2024

Low pressure conditions.

Temperature at 2.000m: 1°C
Temperature at 3.000m: -4°C
0° at altitude: 2200m

Weather forecast in South Tyrol

On Saturday, it will be quite sunny in the south, with more clouds in the north. The tendency to shower will increase only slightly in the afternoon. Sunday morning will be mostly sunny, with a few showers or thunderstorms possible in the second half of the day. Monday will bring a friendly mix of sun and clouds, with thundery showers developing again in the afternoon. There will be little change in the weather on Tuesday. After a sunny morning, larger cumulus clouds will develop during the course of the day and the possibility of rain showers or thunderstorms will increase.


Min.: 4°C
Max.: 24°C


Min.: 4°C
Max.: 25°C


Min.: 6°C
Max.: 26°C


Min.: 5°C
Max.: 26°C

Map of South Tyrol on Thursday, 30.05.2024

Map of South Tyrol on Friday, 31.05.2024